Which version of Windows is best for my PC?

That question will change from time, but generally speaking, the latest version will usually edge out any previous releases. While there have been exceptions, each Windows release was designed to address specific problems or take advantage of new capabilities that could not be engineered into current OS code. Things like:

  • Security Issues: The only aspect of the computer environment that rivals that of computer development is the advances in the ways that PCs are attacked. No sooner is one virus or Malware defeated than 3 more take its place. While many times the current OS can be updated to handle these new threats, soon or later the Windows needs to be re-engineered to literally remove the exploit being used by virus and Malware users. While this will not necessarily make your PC virus proof forever, it does reset the playing field by giving the attackers a stronger, more robust defensive system to contend with.
  • New Hardware: As new hardware is developed, both on a component level or peripherals, it sometimes becomes evident that older versions of Windows just are not designed to take advantage for capabilities of the newer technologies. Yes, updates may get the new tech to work, but to get it to work well sometimes requires more just a patch.
  • New Services: It is not only the PC itself that is constantly improving. Changes to the Internet, new methods of cloud computing and data storage, and the need to integrate your computing experience over devices other than your PC will require fundamental changes to the OS to become available. 

How can I learn how to use my new version of Windows?

We have several forums and instructional articles that address just that question, which are available 24 hours a day. 

What is the best PC for me?

That is another tough question, but our product reviews and comparisons will help you work through the jungle of PCs, notebooks, tablets and other computing devices. Ultimately, we will help you create the ideal Software, Device and Service combination that will meet your computing needs while staying within your budget. 

What is the best PC brand?

Again, too general a question for a simple one or two word answer. First of all, how will you be using this PC?

  • General PC User: If you just want a PC to get your email, surf the web and binge watch whatever show is hot this week, then your range of choices is pretty wide. Our reviews and ratings will help you narrow the choice.
  • Office Power Worker: If you use a lot of spreadsheet, data base and publishing apps, you may need something a little heavier duty.
  • Video Publisher: If you are a YouTube maven, we can help you match up a PC platform with video editing software that can keep your channels rolling.
  • Hard Core Gamer: Video games continue to push the limits of PC computing power. Our reviews and head to head comparisons will help you build the best gaming rig for your money.