Better, Stronger, Faster with Windows 10

Better, Stronger, Faster with Windows 10

A huge event triggered a major wave in the computing industry last July 29, 2015. Microsoft released to Windows 10 to the market. Although it is common knowledge that all systems must always be up to date and operating systems are no exception, it sometimes is a tough decision for some users if upgrading truly is necessary. In order to shed some light at this issue, here is a detailed insight on whether your system will be better, stronger and faster with this new upgrade.

Speed factor

Let us take a look on the factor of speed. Techspot, a reliable website tested Windows 10 against Windows 7 and 8.1 based on their speed (Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep Wake up and boot times). The new version of the operating system has the following stats 21s, 10s and 6s respectively. These particular set of results do not show any significant difference from its predecessor which garnered 23s, 12s and 4s respectively.

Performance Features

As expected, the new operating system brought with it some function improvements and new features. Among the most noteworthy are the following: Mobility, Cortana, Windows Hello, Edge, Battery Saver and Updates.

  • You can now use your new operating system across all of your applicable Microsoft devices such as desktops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets.
  • Cortana is voice assistant for Windows phones. It is capable of giving answers to your inquiries in a matter of seconds, handling productivity tasks such as email creation, web browsing and schedule management.
  • Windows Hello is a unique biometric authentication for all of your devices. You can make your devices more secure through registering your face and fingerprint for recognition.
  • Microsoft Edge is the new web browser for the new OS. It is feature-packed and is compatible with mobile devices.
  • Notebook owners can rejoice because the OS comes with a Battery Saver feature which lets users limit any app background activity and adjust operating hardware settings as necessary.
  • The OS is now capable of delivering the needed security patches directly to your system, bypassing Windows Update.

The Verdict

So, will the new OS make your device better, stronger, and faster for your needs and uses? The speed is certainly not a very compelling factor in this decision. The features added for enhanced performance are definitely worth getting when you decide to dive in with the crowd who already enjoy Windows 10. If your professional or occupational needs demand a stronger and more reliable system that you think this new OS can provide you and your devices, this is definitely worth the shot. However, if you are still happy with your current system set-up and you really feel that you are not compelled to upgrade yet, you are free to enjoy your old OS. However, because there is a new version, the online and offline support for your current OS will eventually decline and will inhibit your experience in the long run. This is most especially true if you are depending on the online support for your games and professional programs for compatibility issues for features and functions. Choose with regards to your current situation so you will not feel guilty by being left behind in this new trend.

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