Should You Switch To Windows 10?

Should You Switch To Windows 10?

Which OS Is Better For Gaming?

A computer’s uses are varied and you could use one for any reason that comes up, whether it’s only for work, a serious or casual hobby, or just plain surfing the web. Even if having the top of the line specs isn’t important to you, you’re probably still wondering if you really need to make the switch. Perhaps you play games for a significant amount of time and you want to know if the games that work on Windows 7 continue to work. While the interfaces of Windows 7 and 8 are vastly different, there are very little differences between the two that would interfere with any of your games. If that’s your main use for your computer, you probably won’t have much incentive for upgrading to 8. Windows 10, on the other hand, has the DirectX 12 features that many users are excited about.

What Does DirectX 12 Include?

If you haven’t already heard of this, you may be wondering why it’s a big deal. Simply put, it allows Windows to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to the gaming industry. This update allows compatible with older versions of DirectX 11; backwards compatibility is a popular feature that’s guaranteed to get people’s attention, for PCs and consoles. If you’ve bought a graphics card in the last year or so, you might not need to get another upgrade but there’s found to be features that are unavailable.

If you’re a laptop or tablet user, you don’t have to worry about only gaming on a desktop. Microsoft is selling the DX12 as something low-end systems can handle. This means if you don’t want to or can’t afford to build a gaming computer, you won’t be giving up detail quality or have to put up with horrible framerates. This isn’t meant to sell these as serious gaming devices, but rather make them more tolerable.


As great as that sounds, some people are not as optimistic about its chances. And they could be seen as justified in their opinion. It’s very likely the DX12 is a gimmick to get a larger percentage of consumers onto one OS as possible, as soon as possible. The Windows 10 upgrade is only free for a year and many Windows 7 users may choose to stick with the operating System (OS) they already have until Microsoft completely stops fixing serious bugs; and that won’t happen until January 2020. That wouldn’t be the only reason users couldn’t utilize the DX12 to its fullest potential. It could put too much pressure on your hardware, despite the performance boost Microsoft claims you’ll get. Also, you might not have it even after upgrading since it appears only a little over half of Window 10 users do. And developers, regardless of size, cannot afford to market their games to such a low percentage of their own audience. There are talks of it improving the Xbox One, but the majority who benefit will be Microsoft 10 users.

The DX12 is claimed to improve the performance of CPU games by half of what they were before. Yet companies most likely won’t be as interested unless competing in a race to release games taking advantage of the newest technology. They’re most likely to continue support of Windows 7, so PC users probably won’t upgrade until they’re forced to. The system does have a functioning DVR system that will allow you to film and edit game footage without interfering with any programs you had prior to upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.  If you’re not entirely impressed with this new feature, you still have ten months to decide if the DX12 is enough of an incentive for you to upgrade.

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