Windows 10 – Together with Everyone

Windows 10 – Together with Everyone

Almost every able human being in the world today is connected with each other through technology. May it be through smartphones, desktop PCs, notebooks or tablets, each of us can make contact with other people through these devices through the air waves and the internet. Aside from their physical differences, they are still separated by the fact that each is run by a distinct operating system. It would be nice to have a single operating system running our devices because it will smooth out the integration issues between them.

The Problem

In the present, there are three distinct operating systems that power Microsoft’s available devices in the market. For PCs there is Windows 8.1, for smartphones there is Windows Phone, and for tablets there is Windows RT. Because of these differences, there are noticeable difficulties regarding certain integration issues between them. These issues make it hard for users to connect and share content with other people which may be a significant issue in their experience with Windows devices and may lead to switching.

The Solution

With the release of Windows 10 to the market, comes with the intent of having all applicable devices to be run by the same version or type of OS so that the integration issues will be addressed. Microsoft wanted to eliminate the issues between devices by directing their efforts on realizing the distinction between the PC and the tablet.

During the span of the previous year, Microsoft made a significant effort to promote the use of Microsoft Office across as many suitable devices and platforms as possible. This is a conscious attempt from the company in trying the ease out the transition of many users from the conventional PC environment to the Tablet’s portability. Also on this note, the company hopes to expand their market to the various IT computing industries around the world.

Promoting the Solution

There is now a universal OS running all of the company’s devices. The next problem is how to influence and convince the public to switch to their devices. In this regard, the company launched features to their systems to provide their competitors’ counterparts. One such example is Cortana, which was launched for Apple’s Siri.

In line with this promotion, for a time, Microsoft made Windows 10 free for everyone. Yes. Free. Everyone who had been running versions 7 or 8.1 is entitled to upgrade their operating systems for free. This made all the huge updates and features available to the public free of any charges. This is a strategic move for the company because it first let the more proactive users to experience their product first-hand. Word of mouth gets to further places more than any advertising and marketing stratagem could ever hope to reach.


Because of all the conscious efforts initiated by Microsoft so far, the company has made sure that the public is now well aware and informed on their new product and its agenda and capabilities. It is up to the management and its current influence to spread the message and see to it that the market will take wind of this opportunity.

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